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Meet the Flock


Polly and Esther
Our new lambs, Polly and Esther, were born on March 11th, 2023. They were named by our neighbors and are twin sisters! Francis, their mama, had a rough start giving birth to them, but thankfully recovered with a little help from us. In the beginning, we had to bottle-feed them to make sure they stayed healthy and growing. Now they're doing great, and we couldn't be happier to have them a part of our flock.

Mr. Peabody

Mr. Peabody, an ultra-friendly lamb who was born in 2019 but orphaned.  He is known for his sweet personality and love of animal crackers and sweet grain. He is also quite mischievous and has been caught breaking into the chicken coop to munch on some chicken scratch! With four white sheep in the flock, Mr. Peabody is definitely one of the top personalities.



Jayde is one of Mr. Peabody's best buds. She was born in 2018 and was a bottle-fed lamb. She is such a sweet little one and loves to follow me around. She is one of the friends who knows her name and run to me when I call her.  She was named after a little girl who ordered a custom pair of wrist warmers. She was deaf and used sign language to communicate. She wanted them long enough to cover her fingers to keep them warm but also easily fold over to do sign language.


As one of the elders of the flock, Bendemere has a calm demeanor. He has formed a deep bond with me and recognizes some familiar faces. Whenever one approaches, he will eagerly trot over, for a cookie or a scratch on the chin. He will stand there to get his pets.  With his gentle nature, he brings joy and comfort to those who interact with him.


Elvis, our majestic ram who loves nothing more than being around his ladies. He is friendly and rambunctious sheep, and despite his horns, is always happy to greet those who bring him treats. His wool is of the highest quality, and we take pride in ensuring our customers get the best of the best.

mary and elvis.jpeg
Elvis in yellville.jpg


Merle, a sweet little guy, was named by one of my Instagram followers due to his unique coloration. He was born to a proud mother named Francis in the year 2018. As Merle grew older, his wool coloration started to change, but his endearing personality remained the same. Despite the changes in his appearance, Merle continued to be the same lovable companion he was from the moment he was born.


Here's a picture of Jincie looking after her lamb Sherman right after he was born. 

Sherman is so sweet and very friendly. I love the way he runs to the fence when he hears me calling them or just sees me walking toward them.  



Our oldest sheep in the flock is Libby and also a fantastic mother.  As she ages, she has become even friendlier, and she her wool has a nice crimp. She comes running over to the fence when she sees me holding an orange because she loves those special treats.

The Boys

Fritz, Felix, Flat Stanley, Merle, and Philbo.


You can't have a safe flock without a good sheep dog, that is where Murphy comes in.  He loves the sheep friends and makes sure they are well taken care of, from their first steps as lambs to their final days as senior members of the flock. Murphy keeps a watchful eye on them to keep them safe.


In Memoriam


Vanilla, nicknamed “Nilla” was one of Mary’s oldest sheep in the flock.  She lived to be almost 20 and was the matriarch of the flock.  All the sheep would follow her lead.  She was the best mama.  At first, she was very shy to anyone except Mary.  As Nilla grew older, she was everyone’s friend.  She would greet anyone at the fence who visited the farm.  She loved the attention!

As Nilla aged her teeth got very warn down. Mary started feeding her banana’s with crushed up grain in them.  When friends and family got wind of this, they would come by to feed Nilla nannas.  All over town people would call and bring nannas for Nilla.  It was really fun to see her so fired up when she saw someone with a banana.

She really was something, the sweetest most friendliest sheep Mary has ever had in the flock. Throughout her life Nilla gave birth to over 50 lambs.  She raised every one of them, one year she even had 4.  Her best friends were CoCo, and Shiloh the sheep dog.  They all palled around a lot and always were together.  Shiloh would lick her ear and the left-over bananas on her mouth.  CoCo benefited because he also got to eat the bananas with Nilla

Nilla passed away with me by her side and she will forever be in my heart.  Love you always Nilla! 


Old English sheep dog – Shiloh was a rescue.  At first, I did not want another dog, I already had two. She was almost a year old, and the owner wanted to put her down because she said she was out of control.  I reluctantly took her, but Shiloh ended up being such an asset to the farm.  She had a calming personality and loved the sheep and people alike! She was very attentive to the flock and made friends quickly with one in particular, Coco.  They were inseparable.  I would look out the window and see them snuggled together in the field in winter and summer months alike.  I could never get a photo of them because when I went out there with my camera they would get up and each would walk in a different direction. 


Shiloh was well cared for at Mary’s Little Lambs sheep farm.  She was bred (by accident) to a pure bred charcoal lab and out of the 6 puppies we kept one, Murphy.  Shiloh was an incredible mama and watched over the flock so Mary never had to worry.  Shiloh, Mary and Murphy walked to the mailbox everyday but as Shiloh aged, she still went, but was a little slower.  She was an excellent addition to the farm and I am so happy she ended up here to live her best life.


Coco was one of Nilla’s first lambs.  He was always sweet and had the deepest bleat I have ever heard.  He would go to the fence and bleat until someone would walk over to him and pay attention to him or better yet give him a treat. He was about 16 years old and that is old for a sheep.


He and Shiloh remained buddies until the end and I believe once Shiloh was gone he was lonely.  He always got special and extra attention because he was so friendly.  A few weeks after Shiloh passed I found Coco in the field. I hope him, Shiloh and Nilla are all together again.


BB came along right at the same time BB King got sick and passed away.  I always liked him so I decided to name this little guy after BB King.  BB only lived on the farm for 5 years.  He was a sweet guy, except when the girls were in heat! He broke through the gate twice and trampled the fence three times in one week to get in the same pasture as them. 

Since he wasn’t my only male they would fight each other.  BB had the Merino horns and he was a beautiful ram.  Unfortunately he was also a fighter.  He would get into it with my other ram, Elvis and one day cut his head so bad it never healed. 


We said goodbye to BB in July. He was not on this earth long but made a big impact at the farm.  People would come by just to see him and his beautiful set of horns.

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